Concept Art
Through Concept Art we're exploring variations of shapes, colors and values to create a unique approach to each project.
Character Design

During the process of character design we're developing various possibilities of shapes, proportions and appeal of a character. We're evaluating aspects like levels of detail, animatability and other variables to meet the budget as well as the style of a project.



Through storyboards we're planning the visual storytelling of a project. At an early stage of production we can quickly vary camera angles, staging and pacing of a scene to find the best possible way to tell a story.


Cutout Animation

NICE creative offers an unique approach to tell your story. Each aspect of communicating a story to the audience is an appealing challenge. From backgrounds to characters. Everything communicates a certain feeling, be it conflict or harmony.


2D Animation

Classical 2d-animation includes various production steps which range from layout to rough animation, cleanup and coloring. We're not only providing 2d character animation but also handdrawn effects for a wide field of use.


3D Animation

From Modeling to Texturing, Shading and Rigging we're working on all aspects of the 3d pipeline.

We create and animate your 3D character according to your wishes, eg. a charming mascot, a chatty anchorman or maybe a cute animal sidekick. There are endless possibilities. Our specialty are stylised characters and expressive figures. We offer the whole package from designing a character collaboratively with you, over 3d modelling, rigging, texturing and rendering. We also provide workflows for export to realtime uses like Virtual Reality and Games. Have a look at some work samples we did in the past.



Under construction.

Creative vision and workflows of a production need to be planed and calculated in advance. Once the production is underway coordination, monitoring and controlling is essential to a successful completion of any large or small project.

Dieter Reinhold, as line producer and production manager and Marc Wehe, as production manager and IT expert, have handled numerous 2D, 3D and stop motion projects. Among them: “Molly Monster – The Movie”, “The 7th Dwarf”, “The Sandman – The lost Sand of Dreams”, “Werner volles Roäää”, “Jasper: Journey to the End of the World” and “Moon Man”. Dieter and Marc both bring decades of experience and in depth knowledge of the industry to the table. We offer consulting and management service packages for any scale production. Drop us a line and let us know how we can help you.

  • Calculation
  • Finance Planning
  • Cashflow
  • Recoupment Scheduling
  • Budgetary Controlling
  • Final Accounts
  • Production Planning
  • Contract Management
  • Organization and Coordination
  • Tracking and Reporting
  • Communikation
  • Packaging of final Deliverables

We offer indepth technical consulting and can set up a streamlined production infrastructure for your project on any budget.

  • Hardware
  • Software
  • Server
  • Network
  • Backup
  • Communikation
  • Administration

Film production is a team sport. When we pick our team for a project, we can rely on a network of highly skilled professionals covering every department of an animation production.

Here are some very special members of the NICE FAMILY