Forces of Heaven – a desert fairy tale

Animated Fantasy / 81 Minutes / Family Entertainment / In Concept


Secluded from the rest of the world, Bedouin girl Alia lives in a remote oasis with her Father Abdullah. Her peaceful life turns upside down when she discovers a mystical artefact in her father’s belongings. Fierce monsters appear and drag Abdullah away to the almighty Sun-Wizard. Desperate to free Abdullah, Alia needs to team up with the ancient Moon-Sorceress and her odd creatures. She must become a sorceress herself and enter a realm of magic where science and reason seem to have no place.

The Characters

ALIA is a curious girl who wants to explore the World. She’s creative and inventive but held back by her dull father. When she finds out that there’s magic in the world she doesn’t hesitate to become a sorceress herself.

ABDULLAH seems to be a simple Bedouin farmer. He’s a loving but overprotective father. Afraid of other people he chose a remote oasis to raise his daughter. Confronted with his past he realizes that he can no longer run away from his destiny.

The MOON-SORCERESS appears as an old woman and is most powerful at night. She has a calm and melancholic personality through which she seems more fragile than she really is. With her power to control water and soil she nurtures flowers and plants.
She knows that the time of the wizards must end to let humans forge their own future.

The SUN-WIZZARD is the king of fire and light. His armor is a mirror of his shining narcissistic character. His heated temperament and vivacious parties fascinate the people. He is hungry for admiration and wants to reign the world all alone. His powers are threatened by the himans growing knowledge and curiosity.

Director’s Note

“Forces of Heaven” is a fast-paced and light fantasy adventure for young and old inspired by the vast artistry of the Arabian culture. The film follows the adventures of a young girl as she discovers the unifying power of art. Set in a time of clashing worldviews Alia (10) must find her way through worlds torn apart between magic and reality.

We want to develop a specific look that merges shape and topic into a strong unity by the extensive use of ornaments and calligraphy. Grown out of a lifelong passion and respect for the Arabian culture, “Forces of Heaven” is a story that deals with conflict between faith and science.
“Forces of Heaven” pays tribute to the achievements of oriental savants and artists who preserved the knowledge of ancient accomplishments and paved the way to modern society.


Dieter Reinhold

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