2d Cutout Animation

Cutout animation is a technique for producing animation using flat characters, props and backgrounds. We mostly create cutout-style animation using computers, with scanned images or vector graphics.

Mercedes-G-Class Astronauts

studioNICE did this animated clip using 2d Cutout Animation on the Mercedes G-Class for GoodFilm Stuttgart:


“Amen” is a short film from Moritz Mayerhofer using a mix of 3d and 2d animations. These screens show the mosaic windows of a church coming to life:

real,- Instore Animation

Together with W.F.P. we created a video for a real,- discount campaign. This clip featured Payback’s Blue Pointee Character:

This is a presentation showing the rigged Pointee character with multiple facial expressions in After Effects:

Samsung Galaxy Y

Directed and illustrated by Gal Shkedi and produced at uncle Berlin we supplied 2d cutout animation for an o2 tv commercial:

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