Jason And The Nucleonauts

2D-3D Animated Feature / 81 Minutes / Children 7-12 / In Development

“Jason and the Nucleonauts” is an animated featurefilm by studioNICE and Spintop Entertainment which is currently in development.

11-year old Jason travels to the center of the atomic nucleus where he encounters Higgs, a maverick elementary particle who’s looking for partner to get a place at the prestigious Nucleonautic Academy. The Nucleonauts, a society of scientists and explorers, have discovered the long forgotten society of anti-matter pirates who are now seeking the destruction of the Nucleonauts’ world. Only by joining forces with Higgs, Jason and the Nucleonauts can defend the anti-matter pirates and save their world.

“Jason and the Nucleonauts” was first pitched at APD– Animation Production Day 2017, in Stuttgart this May. The project was well received and got a wildcard to be presented at Cartoon Movie 2018 in Bordeaux.

StudioNICE and Spintop Entertainment are currently developing the Screenplay and design bibles for “Jason and the Nucleonauts”. We’re looking for production partners, broadcasters, distributors and investors. If you’re interested in working with us – we’re happy to hear from you!


Download PDF Booklet

Visit Project Website: www.nucleonauts.com


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