Many years Urs looked after his aging mother. Now he sets out for a dangerous journey: He carries her up a mountain to find a better place for both of them. But his mother doesn’t want to leave her home…

‘Urs’ by Moritz Mayerhofer, was made as a thesis-project with which he graduated from Filmakademie Baden-Wuerttemberg. The production needed 3 years until it’s completion. In 2006 Moritz began the preproduction during an exchange program at le Gobelins, Paris. When he came back to the Filmakademie he joined the class of acclaimed Animation Director Andreas Hykade (The Runt, Ring of Fire) to begin production.

Concept Art


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Production Information

Running Time: 10:00 Minutes
Format: 35mm / HDCam / digiBeta / BetaSP Color, Cinema-scope 5.1 Dolby Digital / 2.0 Stereo
Software: Lightwave 3d, Project Messiah Studio, Point Oven, Bodypaint, TV Paint, Maya, Houdini, Photoshop, After Effects
Release Date: May 6th 2009


‘Bruce Corwin Award – Best Short Animation’ Santa Barbara International Film Festival, USA
‘Best Student Animation – 2nd Place’ Palm Springs Shortfest, USA
‘Nominated for Best VFX – Student Category’ 8th VES Awards, USA
‘Best of Next International – Judges Award’ MIAF Melbourne, Australia
‘Predicate of exceptional value’ FBW–Filmbewertungsstelle, Germany
‘Best Animation’ Muuuvi, Romania
‘Best Direction’ Aniwow!, China
‘Best Original Soundtrack’ Cinanima, Portugal
‘Special Jury Award’ FilmLabFestival, Italy
‘Special Award’ Tokyo Anime Award, Japan
‘Best Environment Design’ View Conference, Italy
‘Honorary Mention’ Prix Ars Electronica, Austria

37 Awards – 150+ Screenings
Shortlisted – Best animated Short – 83rd Academy Awards


Urs Website

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